VR - Spatium




VR Director / Creative Director / Animation / Physical Build Direction / Co-Producer
I don’t know what to call it, but it’s art.
— Philip Treacy

A blend of technology, art and fashion.  I was approached by fashion photographer, Roland Lane, to create a VR piece centred around one of Philip Treacy's creations.   After many meetings with the great man himself.  I pitched to SXSW and once we had the go ahead, set about creating a crack team to bring our vision to life.  The first part of a trilogy it, it based upon Philip Treacy's "Madonna" hat.  As such, I set about creating a the "Spiritual" part of the trilogy.

Spatial, reactive audio was designed by the talented folk over at Mixed Immersion while Bradley Zero from the Rhythm Section International label contributed the music.

I'm a strong believer that VR is only part of the experience as such, I got a small team together to create the physical installation including lighting installation designer, Lucio Cavallari and architect, Matthew Lambert (yes, he's my brother!).

It was a truly crack team and the result was a unique, visceral piece of art.