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Touch Table - Facebook




Concept / Creative Direction / Art Direction


Bringing masses of data to your fingertips

Facebook is not only one of the largest social media platforms in the world, it is also one of the most comprehensive databases.  Our brief was to make this simple, accessible and fun.  A way to let potential clients realise how simply this data can be harnessed to target consumers.   


We made the data tactile and responsive through the use of clear acrylic pucks and feather light touches.  You could get hands on with the data.

The most challenging part was creating the UX which boiled down over 50 pages of sparse and disparate data into a coherent and navigable format.  To do this I called on my brother, Daniel Lambert, who also designed the UI.

The result was a collaborative tool which engaged potential clients and acted as a talking point.  It demystified the data through a simple use of a complex technology.