VR - Nissan


VIRTUAL REALITY - Custom Headset

Nissan Wingsuit

Creative Lead / Animation / 3D Modelling / Design / Product Design


The world's first VR flying simulator

My first every VR project and still one of my most complicated.  We pitched a multi-sensory VR experience which allowed users to fly through the air.  Users would be able to fly through the clouds, descend through the mountains, brushing by the rock faces.  Finally, they would spped through a city.   Soaring between the buildings, feel the wind on their face, experiencing all their dives and turns ona  motion platform.  All before the days of the Oculus rift.


This project really taught me how important the theatre is to VR.  We gave the system straps, registered a flight time for users and made them put on jump suits while signing a disclaimer.  This all added to the feeling that they were doing something far more dangerous than it really was making it a far more exhilarting experience for them.


The only catch is that none of the kit actually existed.  As such, myself and the team I designed our own VR headset using 3D scanning and 3D printing.  The sensation and control of flying was given through a carbon fibre body board mounted on a 3 DOF motion platform with articulated wings.  A a high powered fan was linked to their speed through DMX.  This this all combined to give users the sensation of flying. 

All in 8 weeks.  It involved a lot of 3D printing, 3D modelling, ergonomic design, reverse engineering.   Check out the making of photos and videos below to see how it was done.