VR - Topshop



TOPSHOP Live VR Frontrow Experience

Creative Lead / Animation / 3D Modelling / Design

Topshop x TATE Modern

The world's first live VR Stream

We couldn’t have asked for better results!
— Global Marketing and Comms Director – TOPSHOP

Topshop are all about the democratisation of fashion.  What better way to achieve this than by allowing everyone to experience the front row of their fashion show.

We kept asking ourselves: "How can we make it better than being there?"


To do so we implemented live tweets, 360 photos from around the event, a backstage camera feed and a timelapse of the event build to create a truly immersive experience that even the AAA celebrities did not receive.

A true example of VR being used for a reason and not just a gimmick.  Housed in the front window of Topshops flagship store for 3 days, it saw 50 year old tech fans queuing with 14 year old fashionistas, all to see how it felt.