VR - Selfridges x Gareth Pugh



Monolith - Selfridges x Gareth Pugh

Concept / VR Director / Creative Director / Animation / Physical Build Direction

The World's First VR Fashion Activation

Nobody ever gets it Alex, but you get it!
— Gareth Pugh

While working with Selfridges on another project, they asked if we could design a tech installation for the, Gareth Pugh, and the launch of his first every "ready to wear" collection.  In 4 weeks time.  In the first week of January.  "Of course we can!" I said.

The theme of discovery was used as a linchpin.  Viewers were discovering the installation, discovering Gareth Pugh as a designer and discovering the internal workings of his mind represented through VR. 

They physical installation was key, as it prepared viewers for the VR experience by shutting them away from the store outside.  Making them feel isolated, malleable and, ultimately, succeptable to the VR within.