AR - Dezeen x selfridges



Selfridges x Dezeen

Concept / Creative Direction / UX & UI Design


A £300m super yacht & a range of watches

Dezeen were curating the a popup shop of the future to be housed in Selfridges and they asked us to help them decide what would be in it.  

We thought augmented reality would be a good fit and set about looking at practical and cool applications.  We came up with two solutions in the end: Yachts and Watches. 


Why?  Well yachts are too big to fit in store, a perfect reason  to use AR.  Why watches?  Imagine all the time that's wasted with people trying them on.  The reluctance for people to ask to try things on.  Security considerations.  There are a whole host of reasons it serves as a real practical application for AR.

We also created a nice armband style wrist marker meaning as people left the store, they were branded and also continuing to interact with the brand.