Custom Interface - Adidas Metamorphasis



Adidas - Metamorphsis

Concept / Creative Direction / Art Direction


The world's first interactive football boot

Adidas wanted to come up with an installation which allowed a person to explore the benefits of their new boots.

We delivered a a literal interpretation of their global brand campaign "Adidas Creators".  By handling the boot, users could generate their own piece of generative art for sharing on social media.  

By using the boot, they literally become a creator.  They would discover the inspirations behind the boot by bending, stretching, squeezing, rotating and moving the boot.


This was a marriage of tactile technologies, kick-ass code and visceral sound.  Inside the boot went bend and capacitive touch sensors, a gyroscope and an accelarometer.  This linked to the digital onscreen boot and also a multi tiered speaker system, surrounding the user entirely.