VR - TATA x Mercedes Petronas



TATA Communications F1

Creative Director / VR Director / Stereo Shoot Director / Script / Concept / 3D Animation / 3D Modelling / Design


It's not everyday you get to direct a sporting legend and Lewis Hamilton was as professional on set as on the racetrack.

F1 is all about speed and reliability which is why TATA communications see it as the perfect showcase of their data handling abilities.  They are not only a partner of FOM but are part of the Mercedes Petronas Team.  This VR video was to demonstrate how they enable Mercedes Petronas to win by transmitting data from anywhere in the world to their UK location in under 0.24 seconds! 

This is a lot to convey in a VR video so I chose to break it down into a single corner for an overtake.  Just as Lewis was about to make the move, time froze and he then explained how the data collected on track is sent almost instantly around the world, helping him and his team to make the decisions which allow him to complete the manouver.